Concerts are an integral part of our choral program at OPMS.  They serve many purposes for our students, parents, and teachers.


- Our students are given the opportunity to showcase all accomplishments they have made in class.  They also benefit from unique opportunity to present themselves in a public forum using skill sets they are developing during the school day.  Most importantly, they are working together towards a common goal as a team. 


- Many of the Orchard Park parents that attend these concerts really enjoy watching their own children and friends of the family perform.  It is fun for them to see their children in a different light when they perform with the group.  The Middle School years are often most challenging for the relationship between parent and child. These concerts give the parents the opportunity to see how much their children can succeed, particularly those students who don't normally succeed in a "traditional" classroom.


- To be honest, as teachers, these concerts are certainly not the most relaxing evenings of the year.  There is so much work and preparation that goes into the night. HOWEVER, they are some of most rewarding events for us.  We really enjoy seeing the entire group together. (because we rehearse the chorus in different class sections)  The concerts also provide a "final exam" for the students and teachers to work towards a common goal. 


**Important Reminders**

Split Concerts - For example, in December, there will be two concerts that evening. Both concerts will be the exact same concert however, there will be different students performing on each one. As we approach the December & May concerts, we will post the schedule and rosters for each concert so the students and parents will know which concert to attend and when to report.  Be sure you check what "color" chorus you are in.


If you are attending the 6:30 pm concert, you should arrive at 6:15.  After the concert, PLEASE leave the school as soon as possible in order to free up parking spots and seats in the auditorium for the next concert.  This is the reason for the split concerts.


If you are attending the 7:40 pm concert, you should NOT arrive any earlier than 7:25.  If too many families arrive early, there will be traffic and parking problems.  I know that being early to a concert is the norm, but go against your instincts!  

Concert Attire

Concert Schedule

05 NOV

7:00 pm - Grade 8

Report at 5:45!

@ OP HIGH School

12 DEC

6:30 & 7:40 pm 

Grade 7 Chorus Only

@ OP Middle School

13 DEC

6:30 & 7:40 pm 

Grade 6 Chorus Only

@ OP Middle School

16 JAN

6:30 pm - Grade 8

Band, Chorus, Orch

@ OP Middle School

22 MAY

6:45 & 8:00 pm 

Grade 6, 7 Concert

@ OP Middle School

06 JUN

6:45 pm - Grade 8

District Showcase

@ OP HIGH School

The link below will send you to a password protected area of the website with the rosters for each concert.  

Please take note of what "color" chorus your child is in.

Parking Reminders - Please park in school designated spots or on the streets surrounding the school.  Feel free to use any of the school parking lots, not just the ones closest to the auditorium.  DO NOT park in fire lanes.  DO NOT park across the street in the apartment complex's parking lot.  YOU WILL BE TOWED.  OUR PRINCIPAL WILL BE YELLED AT.  Don't get him in trouble.

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