Cast and Crew Lists for Aladdin Jr.

Parent Meeting Info


*$25 cast fee*

*$15 crew fee*

Includes the costume fee, t-shirt, and cast party!

Director Contact Information

Mrs. Morgan - Choreographer/Dance


Mrs. Strohmeier - Leads Staging/Vocal


Mr. Carson - Chorus/Producer


Mr. Roland - Set Design

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Monday, November 5th

Bi-Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

Every week the schedule will be updated so everyone can plan ahead for the next week's rehearsals.  Be sure you check back OFTEN in case there are changes made.  Also, if you are cast in two different groups/roles, make sure you check both rows of the schedule.

There will be a room on the schedule.  That is where you should report after school.  The different colors represent which director you will be working with.  The colors are as follows:

Mrs. Morgan - Yellow

Staging & Acting

Mrs. Strohmeier - Purple

Leads Acting/Singing

Mr. Carson - Blue

Group/Choruses Singing

Mr. Roland - Red

Technical Crew

All Directors - Green

Piecing everything together!

This Week's Schedule

Next Week's Schedule

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