Data & Assessments

Below are a few examples of how I collected data on my students growth and how I shared that growth with my fellow music teachers.  Student names and comments have been removed.

NYSSMA Database

This is the database of all the students I have sent to solo NYSSMA.  This is extremely helpful to see how their sightreading has progressed, see which solos are the most successful, and to share with the HS teachers when the students move onto to the HS.

Choral Database

This is an example of the document I created for my choral colleagues at the elementary and HS level. We used it to track the kids who were staying in and leaving our program.  The ranking systems, but more so the comments, were VERY helpful getting to know the kids before they even came into our classroom. 

MS Chorus Numbers

This was a handy chart I would refer back to each year to see the trends of the numbers of students in the choral program.  As you can see, the numbers really soared during 2013 and 2014.  I was teaching 6th grade music back then so I was able to recruit into 7th grade chorus.  In 2016, I stopped teaching 6th grade music so we had a slight fall in numbers into 7th grade.  8th grade chorus numbers were always hard to keep high as there was no music requirement.

Score Reading Assessment

This is was an online assessment that I used to collect data and assess student learning in my 7th grade chorus class.  The students completed this assessment on their chromebooks and google instantly grades their responses to give them instant feedback.

Quick Solfege Check

This quick check was given as the "do now" or the activity to do while I was taking attendance and getting class started.  They quickly came into the classroom and filled this form out for the first few minutes of class.  If they did not complete it accurately, they were responsible for going back and editing their responses for a grade.

Concert Evaluation Form

After each concert, the students were to listen and watch the concert videos that I posted on google classroom.  After watching each piece, they were to complete the following form using the rubric that was pasted before each statement.  We had studied the rubric thoroughly before the concert to get an idea of what goes into a successful performance.  

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