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regarding grading for middle school chorus.
It is our goal to be as transparent as we can with our grading system.  In the past, chorus and other music ensembles tended to be graded very subjectively.  We feel that students deserve a grading system that is more thorough and effective.  Please take the time to read over the whole syllabus, especially if there is a concern with your grade.

Tips for improving your grade

Quarterly Participation - Consult the rubric!  Know that your effort in chorus matters!  Even if you are in a big class, you must still do your best to help your section in rehearsal and participate in class discussions.  IF EVERYONE SITS BACK AND WAITS FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO TAKE CHARGE, NOBODY WILL.  The ball is in your court!  Do not let the effort of others affect your effort and grade!

Singing Assessment - Please understand that these assessments are not meant to make you nervous, bring your grade down, or embarrass you.  Mrs. Strohmeier and Mr. Carson treat these assessments like your Math teachers treat quizzes.  They do not give quizzes to punish you. (even though you might think they do!)  All teachers assess you in order to see what you are capable of and what you need to improve.  If we didn't hear you sing in a small setting, we would never know what you were truly capable of.  Particularly for the boys, but girls as well, it also gives us a chance to really hear how your voice is developing and if you're having any issues with it changing.  Middle School is an important time for young singers!

Music Theory - These written quizzes are very important to your written musical development.  Many students find that these quizzes can raise your chorus grade if you put in the effort during class to understand the concepts.  It is important to understand that you can (and should) retake these quizzes if you do poorly.  They are meant to be a progression of learning.  You will not be able to move to the next quiz if you do not MASTER the concepts of the previous.  Students are responsible for coming during a lunch period, after school period, or homeroom to retake any DOKs.  Mrs. Strohmeier and Mr. Carson will not chase you down.  You are responsible for setting up a time to come retake them.

Concert Grade - Concert participation is expected and required.  We prepare for these performances for so long and we need the entire group present.  It would be so foolish to attend all the practices for a sports team and skip out on the game.  However, these concerts are different from a sports game because they only happen once per semester.  We have one chance to show the audience what we have been preparing in class.  You must make every effort to attend.  If something comes up that is extremely important, your teachers MUST have an email or written letter from your parents well in advanced to avoid losing points on your concert grade.  In addition, please download the concert make up form on this page (orange button) and see your teacher BEFORE you attend another concert.

Additional In-Class Activities - There will be a few in class activities based on your grade level that will arise during the year. Students should consult with their teachers before or after class if they have questions regarding these projects/assignments.  Any information sheets will be posted at the top of this page on the right column.  Check back for updates throughout the year!

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